EFPIA Disclosure

Nigaard is the Nordics based wholly owned subsidiary of Zambon S.p.A. headquartered in Italy. Zambon S.p.A. is an Italian pharmaceutical company. Zambon has been involved in the «Disclosure» project since 2015 with the aim of implementing the EFPIA Disclosure Code on Transfers of Value.
Specifically, the Disclosure Code requires that transfers of value between the pharmaceutical industry, healthcare professionals and healthcare organisations be published on a yearly basis, with reporting starting in 2016.
Nigaard Pharma AS was acquired by Zambon in July 2015. From the date of acquisition until December 2015 Nigaard did not carry out any activities relevant for EFPIA Disclosure as it was fully involved in the integration process in Zambon. For that reason publication of transfer of values of Nigaard will be effective starting from June 2017.