Medical devices


The valved holding chamber (VHC) has been designed to help improve and optimize drug delivery for those patients using pressurized metered dose inhalers (pMDIs). The OptiChamber Diamond (Diamond) VHC is a compact, anti-static VHC designed to facilitate efficient aerosol delivery to patients prescribed pMDIs. For those patients who cannot use the Diamond VHC with mouthpiece, the LiteTouch facemask is available. A leak between the facemask and the patient's face can reduce the amount of drug delivered to the patients. The LiteTouch facemask has been designed with soft-seal technology to counter gently on the face and minimize the leakage of air around the facemask.

Philips Respironics OptiChamber Diamond


Optichamber Diamond Instructional Guide 02


Optichamber Diamond Instructional Guide 03


Optichamber Diamond Cleaning Guide
for medical staff there is an alternative cleaning instruction with hydrogen peroxide



Personal Best

Personal BestPersonal Best is a peak flow meter and are a free device for the patients, prescribed with an aid card. Peak Flow Meter measures the maximum flow that results when one blows out quickly and sharply in the meter. Low values often mean obstruction of the airways (obstruction). A peak flow meter can be used in two different ways, both as a tool to diagnose and monitor asthma. If the difference between the worst value and the best value is more than 20%, this suggests a diagnose of asthma. If the patient has asthma deterioration can be detected early if the patient regularly uses their peak flow meter and note changes in exhaled value.

With Personal Best, the patient can leave the red arrow marking the worst value and the green is the best value and then take with you to show up at the clinic thus avoids using paper etc.

Personal Best has a plastic housing, which allows the meter is protected from dirt and particles. Peak flow meter can easily be washed in a regular dishwasher and dry. Even hospitals dishwasher (> 90 ° C) can be used occasionally. There is also mouthpiece for use in hospitals.



OptiChamber Diamond, Lite Touch Facemasks and Personal Best are available in Sweden and Norway.

Our service to request a sample of OptiChamber Diamond, Lite Touch Facemasks and Personal Best is currently under reconstruction but will be up and running very soon. Please note that this service is only for Health Care Centres/Professionals.